Partial correlation studies (controlling getting duration of matchmaking) produced combined efficiency ( Table dos)

Partial correlation studies (controlling getting duration of matchmaking) produced combined efficiency ( Table dos)

An average of, players had been active in the online relationship in question to possess as much as 2 yrs, six months (2 yrs, four days for Japanese, three-years, a month to have U.S. People in the us, plus one seasons, seven days to possess Koreans). New cycle don’t change somewhat along the three cultures ( Desk 1). The common amount of hours used on the online did not differ notably all over cultures (just as much as you to definitely plus one half of period to own Japanese, as well as 2 hours and you will 20 minutes both for Americans and you may Koreans).


To assess online self-disclosure and relationship development, the present study employed several scales constructed in previous Internet and FTF relationship studies (e.g., Parks Floyd, 1996; Parks Roberts, 1998). Self-disclosure was operationalized by the depth and breadth measures used by Parks and Floyd (1996). A separate self-disclosure variable was created by the composite score of depth and breadth, for each dimension is crucial to representing self-disclosure in theory. Correlation between breadth and depth was significant for all cultures, ranging from low to high (r= .36, p < .001 for Japanese, .64, .001 for U.S. Americans, and .31, .05 for Koreans). In addition, the validity of the composite self-disclosure scale was confirmed by comparing the correlation coefficients of the respective depth and breadth measures with relationship development measures in the present study.

Relationship top quality is actually operationalized from the a chemical from issues out of established actions to own outstanding relational has actually frequently used inside the previous studies. The fresh new balances provided are definitely the breadth and you may depth out-of dialogue (self-disclosure), interdependence, interpersonal predictability/knowledge, code overlap, commitment, and you may community convergence (to possess detailed information, discover Parks Floyd, 1996; Areas Roberts, 1998). In addition to the dating invention level, today’s analysis in it other outstanding relationships quality actions like taste, like, and you will trust (come across Canary Stafford, 1992, 1994, more resources for these types of procedures). Each one of these balances gotten moderate to highest accuracy coefficients in the expose data. Accuracy coefficients ones methods ranged ranging from .fifty (interdependence) and you will .ninety (love). Dining table 1 gift suggestions the function and basic deviations for each and every varying.

The complete questionnaire is actually straight back interpreted toward Korean and you will Japanese getting the purposes of the analysis ( Banking companies Financial institutions, 1991). To evaluate and discover degrees of matchmaking creativity among Korean CMC users, this new theoretical midpoint each and every size was utilized given that a research area (adopting the Areas Floyd, 1996). A rating below the midpoint ways a low level of relationships advancement, while a get over the midpoint implies a more impressive range regarding growth in regards to the dimensions at issue.


H1 predict you to self-disclosure inside CMC might be similar to that of FTF, and thus Military Sites and single dating site both in contexts self-disclosure try definitely in the dating quality. Self-disclosure are notably surely associated with most of the dating top quality parameters but online system overlap, that has been not for the number of self-disclosure after all. Whether or not significant, this new association anywhere between self-revelation and you can trust is weakened (.32), when you find yourself most other correlations was in fact reasonable so you’re able to strong. With regards to the a couple of trick dimensions of care about-disclosure, the same pattern emerged to possess breadth although not to possess breadth. Breadth out of communications are somewhat certainly connected with the matchmaking attributes, and depth has also been with the exception of on the internet network overlap.

Note: Every = the whole sample; Inter = Interdependence, Assume = Predictability/Insights, Comm = Relationship, Code = Code Convergence, OnNet = Online System Overlap, OffNet = Offline Network Convergence, Period = Occasions Spent On the web A-day, Length = Duration of On the internet Dating;

Note: All of the = the complete attempt; Inter = Interdependence, Anticipate = Predictability/Information, Comm = Commitment, Password = Password Convergence, OnNet = Online Network Overlap, OffNet = Offline Network Overlap, Times = Era Spent On the internet A-day, Length = Lifetime of On the internet Relationships;

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